About Us

Baby Tiki hats were created by a Firefighter mom who was looking for the ultimate protection from the Florida sun for her little one! All Baby Tiki products are developed with all of our families safety and comfort in mind.

Baby Tiki hats are extremely lightweight and your baby can stay cool as wind cuts through the hat. The large brim provides 360° coverage including face, neck, and shoulders! Not only does this brim provide 50 UPF but it will not flop down on your babies face. It also will not fade.There is an elastic headband on the inside of the hat for comfort and to keep the hat snug along with an adjustable drawstring chinstrap. On top of all these nessesary features your baby will rock out with the ultimate cuteness while being protected from the suns harmful rays!

Baby Tiki Hats Owner Shannon Defreitas

From The Owner:

Hi Everyone! My name is Shannon Defreitas and I am the founder/owner of Baby Tiki. I am a fire fighter, a Mom, and also a native Floridian.

Living in Florida my whole life I know the damage the sun can do to our skin, protecting my baby became very important to me. I bought numerous sun hats for my baby but felt all of them lacked the protection I wanted. Many became floppy when getting wet, had minimal facial coverage, faded from the sun, and definitely didn’t have the style that Baby Tiki has. Because of this I decided to create a hat I loved and gave the ultimate protection for my baby.