Why Sun Hats are so Important for your Toddlers

Why Sun Hats are so Important for your Toddlers

Why Toddler Sun Hats Are So Important For Your Child

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The Importance of Toddler Sun Hats

There is no debate when it comes to parents wanting to provide the very best protection for their children. But, one of the most important aspects of good health is protecting them from the harshness of the summer sun. Thankfully, the solution is simple – a Baby Tiki Toddler sun hat!

For all Americans, the risk of developing skin cancer is extremely real especially in the southern states like Georgia and Florida where the heat can get over 100 degrees in the summer. Wearing protective clothing is, for this reason, very important, and sun hats are an essential part of the overall protective attire.

At Baby Tiki Hats, we are proud to provide a selection of sun protection hats and clothing specifically made for toddlers and children. Our products are designed to provide the maximum protection from those damaging UV rays. But are they really that important? The short answer is yes!


Why Buy Toddler Sun Hats?

Watching your child play in the sun is a wonder sight, so the idea that the sun may harm your child seems unrealistic to most – and besides Vitamin D from sunlight is important, right? You may have already applied sunscreen, so it may seem that a toddler sun hat is not necessary.

But, here are several reasons why using a hat is important:

  1. Toddlers Skin is More at Risk – it’s not just a logical assumption, but a proven scientific fact that toddlers and younger childrens skin is more susceptible to UV rays than older children. In fact, studies have discovered that young children who suffer from sunburn are more likely to develop skin cancer later in life. It is recommended that babies be kept out of direct sunlight, with clothing that covers arms and legs completely, and a baby sun hat that shades the entire face, ears, and neck.
  2. Sunscreen Does Not Guarantee – babies aged between 6 and 12 months can wear sunscreen – sunscreen is not recommended for babies any younger. But sunscreen is not enough to keep your baby safe. Wearing protective clothing, such as a baby sun hat and sun protective suit, provides the best protection from damaging UV rays.
  3. A Practical Solution – buying a toddler sun hat is one of the most practical options when protecting your child rom dangerous UV rays. It’s easy to carry around and unlike sunscreen, it is not affected by exertions of the sun – like sweating, or all the chemicals some sunscreens have in them.

Baby Tiki Sun Hats for Toddlers

The Baby Tiki Selection

Baby Tiki Hats has been providing comfortable and reliable solutions for overcoming the everyday threat that the sun poses to everyone. Our products dedicated to toddler and child sun protection clothing.

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